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Replace my windows? But why? Saving energy is more important than ever! If your home is over 7 years old, you may want to consider a change. Transform your home with new windows and see and feel the difference.


By now, most homeowners have heard of the energy and money-saving advantages of modern windows. You can replace your windows for any reason and at any time you choose, but the following scenarios indicate moments when replacement is a particularly good idea:

  • Your windows are single pane – single pane windows are the least energy efficient and allow for the most heat transfer between inside and the outdoors.
  • Your windows do not open or close properly – aside from the obvious nuisance of a window that doesn’t operate smoothly, this is a sign that your current windows have passed their prime.
  • Your gaskets have failed – the seals around windows don’t last forever; if you experience drafts around the window when it is closed, it is likely that your gaskets have failed and you’re wasting energy and money.
  • Outside noises can be heard clearly – modern windows don’t just reduce heat transfer, but sound transfer, too; if the noise from outdoors can be clearly heard inside, it is a sign that your current windows are outdated.
  • Condensation between panes – double and triple pane windows contain a layer of air or argon in between the glass that make them better insulators; if you notice condensation forming in between the glass panes, you have what’s known as “seal failure” and must be replaced.

There are many different window styles, colors, and options. We can guide you in making an educated choice on what is best for your home’s needs. Window replacement is an investment that will pay you back. So although it carries an upfront cost, you will see a decrease in your energy expense and also add immediate value to your home!

By replacing your windows you will also notice a new comfort in your home. No more hot and cold spots due to drafty windows. You will also notice a reduction in sound by nearly 75%.


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